Our Accessories


Are you a parent or grandparent and are unsure what you could buy for your child or grandchild. We are now offering some great presents, we have a racket pack available to purchase. Our staff at MicroSports will ensure you purchase the correct racket size for you child or grandchild. We are also offering gift vouchers to buy which can be used for any of our MicroSports session. Please find more info below.


Racket Packs

Included in our racket packs is a tennis racket (size depending upon your child), a foam tennis ball which could be used in the garden at home and a resource flyer with lots of different fun tricks and skills your child can do at home with you or a friend. All of this comes with a drawstring bag so everything can be kept tidy ! These packs can be brought for just £15 ! Normally a mini tennis racket on it's own would cost more than this.


Gift Vouchers

Do you ever find it difficult what to get your child, grandchild or friends chid for their birthday or Christmas? We offer vouchers which can be redeemed in various ways. These vouchers can be used towards paying for tennis lessons either and individual or group lessons, any holiday camps linked with MicroSports or you could use them towards a racket pack we sell. In addition to this, if your child attends a MicroSports session there is a chance they may win a voucher as a prize !!